Primary Sports Premium


At Mill Ford School we recognise the valuable contribution PE makes to the Health and Well Being of our pupils.  Sports Pupil Premium Funding has been provided for primary pupils by the Government in order that it is used to:


“Improve the quality of the PE and sport activities schools offer their pupils, but they are free to choose the best way of using the money…”

Department for Education – September 2013


Mill Ford School:

  • Ensures that the PE and Sport Pupil Premium funding will enable the school to provide additional teaching and learning opportunities outside the usual curriculum provided through the use of the appropriate support staff and outside agencies (Consortium arrangement with two other schools) 


  • Ensures that the additional funding available from the PE and Sport Pupil Premium enhances the provision of pupils within the Primary age range


  • Ensures that the teaching and learning opportunities within the PE curriculum meet the needs of all pupils 


  • Ensures that access to equipment and specialist equipment is available on site for those who may not be able to access off-site events 


  • Recognises the importance of sustainability in PE provision and are committed to using the funding in order to benefit current pupils and those coming to Mill Ford in the future


Mill Ford School receives £8,140 per year, which has been utilised thus:


What did we do?

How did this benefit the pupils?

Subscription to Specialist PE Release Teacher as part of a 3 school

·       Pupils have access to a variety of sporting events including ability games and local inter-school competitions

·       Access to talent scouts to recognise future stars and encourage their involvement in sport

·       Staff receive specialist advise, support and training, including how to enhance PE provision at Mill Ford

·       Links to extra-curricular events

Additional staffing employed to enable extra swimming sessions

·       Students able to access specialist swim coaches

·       Access to a more accessible pool

·       Improved pupil confidence and involvement in the water

Transport to access PE and sorting activities

·       Students have accessed offsite events such as Climbing  Sailing, and Archery

·       Increased accessibility to events

·       Enhanced pupil confidence in trying different sports

Purchase of Specialist PE equipment

·       New-Age Kurling Equipment

·       Specialist balls for VI students

·       Specialist equipment for Wheelchair Basketball

·       Specialist equipment for Tennis

Enhancement of Outdoor Learning Environment

·     Part of this funding has contributed to a wider project – refurbishment of the Outdoor Learning Environment

·     All pupils have become more active during playtimes

·     Opportunities within PE lessons for Cardio Vascular Activity

Swimming Competency Statement February 2018:

Our pupils make great progress with their water confidence and safety.  Although none of our year 6 pupils are proficient with all strokes they have made good progress from the starting points.  One of of our current year 6 students has physical difficulties and accesses the hydrotherapy pool to work on her swimming ability.

Students attend swimming lessons at the Life Centre in Plymouth, and work with swimming coaches to develop their swimming skills.  We use the Primary PE and Sport Premium to provide extra staff to support these sessions.