WOW! Points


From January 2018 Secondary age pupils will earn WOW!Points.

When they have earned enough WOW!Points, all secondary pupils will be able to choose items from this page to spend their points on. They will need to show their teacher what they have chosen.

Primary age children will continue to gain and spend their Wow!Points by choosing an item from the Treasure Chest


Item Description Wow!Points value
Party Bubbles for Party Favour

Small Bubble Pot (1)

40 Wows!

Lanyard - Sensory Zip

Sensory Zip Lanyard

45 Wows!


Giggle Stick 

66 Wows!

Squishy Emoji Ball

75 Wows!

Chick - Light Up Puffer

Light Up Puffer Chick (1)

100 Wows!

product image

Scribblicious Highlighters

100 Wows!

Light Up Spiky Football (1)

125 Wows!

Torch - LED Finger (Set 4)

LED Finger Torch (set of 4)

125 Wows!

Ball - Light Up Emoji Tongue

Light Up Emoji Tongue Ball (1)

140 Wows!

Ball - Light Up Emoji Spiky




     Light up Emoji Spiky Ball (1)




150 Wows!

Bendy - Smiley Man

Bendy Smiley Man (1)

150 Wows!

30ml Nivea Hand Cream

150 Wows!

Image result for plastic football

Plastic Football

150 Wows!

Mini Smile Smiley Paper Note Book (1)

150 Wows!

Shaker - Jibber Jabber

Jibber Jabber Shaker (1)

165 Wows!




   Pop Tongue Critters   




165 Wows!

Image result for covermason fluffy faux rabbit fur ball charm

Covermason Fluffy Faux Rabbit Fur Ball Charm

180 Wows!

Ball - Flashing Geo

Flashing Geo Ball

185 Wows!

Image result for tea and biscuits

Afternoon Tea with The Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher

200 Wows!

Groan Tube - Pink




  Groan Tube 




 200 Wows!

Kazoo - Plastic Jumbo

Jumbo Kazoo (1)




200 Wows!

Bendy - Frights

Bendy Frights




210 Wows!

Spiny Roller - Yellow

Yellow Spiny Roller 

225 Wows!

Image result for baking

Baking Session to make cakes to share with classmates 

250 Wows!

Bubble Gun - Light Up




Light Up Bubble Gun



250 Wows!

Ball - Electromites Light Up Smile Sizzler

Electromites Light Up Smile Sizzler




265 Wows!

Centipede Cyril

Centipede Cyril (1)

266 Wows!

Galaxy Slime Lab Goo (1)

266 Wows!

Noisy Putty (1)

270 Wows!

Where's Wally Now? Book

285 Wows!


Fidget Spinner 

290 Wows!

Monkey - Tumbler




Monkey Tumbler 




310 Wows! 



310 Wows!

Wooden - Animal Sounds (1)

335 Wows!

Maracas - Baby Mini

Mini Maracas (1)

350 Wows!

Mood Egg - Colour Changing

Colour Changing Mood Egg

350 Wows!

The Kids' Book of Wordsearches 1 by Gareth Moore

390 Wows!

The Kids' Book of Wordsearches 2 by Gareth Moore


390 Wows!

Spinner - Crazy Orbit

Crazy Orbit Spinner

390 Wows!

Owls - Noisy

Noisy Owl - Large or Small (1)

The small baby owl plays a high pitched sound, whilst the large owl plays a mature and realistic sounding 'ter-wit -ter-woo'

395 Wows!

Metal Mandala

Metal Madala

399 Wows!

Colouring Book

400 Wows!

Spinner - Pink Mace (With Sound)

Pink Mace Spinner (with sound)

420 Wows!

Spinner - Rainbow Windmill

Rainbow Windmill Spinner 

420 Wows!


Tangles (1)

420 Wows!

Woodie Worm - Construction

Woodie Worm - Construction (1)

440 Wows!

Touch & Tweets

Touch and Tweets (1)

460 Wows!



Gazillion Bubbles - 2 ltr bottle

485 Wows!


Image result for disco

Mini disco to share with classmates

500 Wows!

Image result for love 2 shop

Love2Shop Voucher

500 Wows!

Lamp - Blue Deco Fibre Optic




Fibre Optic Lamp 




 525 Wows!

Torch - Astro Starlight Projector

Astro Starlight Projector Torch




660 Wows!

Ball - Lights and Sounds Dancing Football

Lights and Sounds Dancing Football




699 Wows!

Projector - Starlight Dome Night Light




Starlight Dome Night Light




700 Wows!

Traditional Size 5 Black And White PU Leather Football




Leather Football




795 Wows!

Image result for itunes voucher



iTunes Gift Card 



1500 Wows!