We work with a number of educational establishments to support placements and guide people interested in developing their skills in working with our young people and others with additional needs.


Links with Plymouth University

We offer placements to students from Plymouth University from a variety of courses – Initial Teacher Education and PGCE students are able to complete a teaching placement with us. Early Childhood studies students have spent placement time with pupils in the early years class, which have in turn informed dissertations and case studies have also been completed. BA Steiner Waldorf, Education Studies and 2nd year Psychology students have the opportunity to spend a short placement in a variety of classes and age groups.  We have also offered placements for a longer term as work experience to 3rd Year Psychology students. 2nd Year Nursing students have an opportunity to spend 6 weeks with us to extend their knowledge of working with children with SEN. Students studying social work as a degree also find valuable experience on placement with us, we liaise closely with social care, CAMHS and other professionals on a daily basis which can inform these students. Our pupils gain from working with all these students – they often bring fresh and new ideas and experiences of their own to our school. Young students also act as excellent role models for our post 16 pupils and our pupils respond well to students who are sometimes around their own age. A member of SLT has involvement in the committee for the Early Childhood Studies degree and teachers are planning to be actively involved in the paperwork side of teaching placements in special schools. Members of our SLT also lecture at Plymouth University on occasions.


Links with MARJONS University

We also have strong links with Marjons University – offering teaching practice placements for PGCE and B.Ed students and also for students studying the BA Coaching and PE degree. During their time at Mill Ford School, students gain and develop skills, demonstrating them during lessons. Two of our teachers are also involved in close liaison with Marjons, lecturing to PGCE and ITT students and supporting the teacher training placement process.


We offer school direct places via Plymouth Teaching School Alliance and MARJONS University.


Skills Group

We are able to offer long term placements for NVQ level 2 and 3 students from Skills Group and some of our support staff and our apprentices follow courses with Skills Group.


Work Experience

Some of Plymouth City Council’s and Cornwall Council’s Secondary schools request work experience placements for their pupils. These are considered on an individual basis, in consultation with the mainstream school. In some cases this has  led to 6th form pupils choosing their future career, or social work and teaching courses at University as a direct result of their placements with Mill Ford.