Specialist Projects


As a school we are currently involved in some exciting projects to support and develop pupils skills and break down barriers to learning.  Our latest project involves working in partnership with Blue Sky Therapies.  



Blue Sky Therapies


We are currently working with Blue Sky Therapies to offer support to our primarily ASC pupils to help them overcome any sensory issues they may have.  This involves looking at the sensory needs and difficulties of individuals through sensory profiling, observations and logging behaviours, using our knowledge of the pupils and Blue Sky Therapies expertise in this area.  After a period of observation and logging, a sensory diet and strategies are developed along with a sensory needs profile.  After a period of implementing strategies etc. further logging and observation take place again in order to analye impact.  This is an exciting project but it is in a trial stage at present so please watch this space for further information with regard to its' success.


If you wish to learn more about Blue Sky please click on the link below: