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Replacement Jubilee Challenge

26 June 2020 (by Beth Evans (HeadsPA))

Two of our pupils - Holly and Adam - were part of our Jubilee Challenge Ten Tor Team this year. Sadly the event had to be cancelled due to lock down but that has not stopped them! Please click on the news title for more.

Replacement Jubilee Challenge 2020.

During one of the hottest days of the year so far, two Mill Ford School students, Holly and Adam Jarvis, who were due to complete the Jubilee Challenge this year, decided to take on their own ‘Replacement Jubilee’ challenge walk.  They recorded their experience and have created this wonderful video to share.


They walked ….10.2 miles… and climbed 11 tors. 


They slept in their tent at home and got up at 4 a.m. with the dawn chorus.  By 5.30 a.m they were on Dartmoor and ready to start their challenge.


Starting at Two Bridges they did:

  • Crockern tor (the view from here is amazing, especially at that time of day)
  • Littaford tors
  • Longaford tor
  • Higher White tor
  • Lower White tor
  • Brown’s house
  • Rough tor
  • Devil’s tor
  • Beardown man
  • Devil’s tor outcrop
  • Lydford tor
  • Beardown tors (all 3 parts)


Their father, Paul, who is also a Governor at Mill Ford, joined them on their challenge and reported that it was a great walk and that Holly and Adam were amazing.  They gained so much in confidence that they were actually going first over the styles towards the end, without help.

Another amazing statistic is that they did all of this in a recorded moving time of 4h 45 minutes.  “We stopped at every tor for photos, videos and snack.  We also managed to dip our feet in the leat on the way back.”

 They have now raised £225 to go towards clothing or equipment for the school’s Jubilee Challenge team in 2021. 


We are so proud of them.