Relationships and Sex Education


At Mill Ford School we use The SoSafe! Programme to deliver our relationships and sex education.  The SoSAFE! Programme is a visual teaching tool for people with learning difficulties.  It enables learners to develop their abilities in managing; and communicating about their relationships. The programme covers all  interactions; from strangers, to the intricacies of an intimate relationship.  It moves away from making feelings based decisions so we can enable and empower pupils to make their own judgments about what is okay to do with specific people.  

SoSAFE! provides a format which is portable and easy to understand, meaning that any student can discuss their relationships at any time. By giving students a set of ‘rules’ for different relationships they are better placed to realise when a relationship may not be acceptable and then have the tools to report potential abuse.

If you wish to know more with regard to SoSafe then please get in contact but please be reassured we will consult with parents before delivering any sex education programme and ensure we have your agreement to do so.