Mill Ford School


At Mill Ford a wide variety of technology is used to support learning and develop pupils technical understanding, safety and skills. For some pupils this technology can be liberating and helps them to show just what they can achieve. However, we are aware of the risks that technology and online communication may present. In a world where technology plays an increasing part in more and more of our daily activities it is imperative that pupils leave Mill Ford with the knowledge of how to use such technologies safely. 

ICT is generally taught in a cross-curricular manner in the primary curriculum that ensures pupils are fully and actively engage in their learning. We recognise that ICT can be extremely motivating and we use this to ensure pupils make progress but are not solely reliant on the use of technology.

In KS3 ICT is taught in a subject specific way that enables pupils to build on skills and knowledge already learnt. For semi- formal learners this will be taught in such a way that it builds on prior learning and ensures any gaps in learning are addressed before moving onto a formal curriculum . This will include skills in using email, word processing, graphics, e-safety, coding, movies and music making.

For formal learning ICT in KS4 covers internet safety, use of photographs and movie, emailing, blogging, word processing and animation. For semi formal and informal learners is is an integrated part of their accreditation.

In KS5 ICT is integrated into the units of work for the accreditation and/or qualification each individual student is working towards achieving.

 For all pupils progress is tracked using our ICT tracker to ensure skills and knowledge is committed to long-term memory and successes are built on.

The link to our ICT Subject Intent is here