Mill Ford School


At Mill Ford PE is seen as vital to pupils’ physical health and emotional well-being. Our PE curriculum includes many aspects of physical education including sport, gymnastics, games, sensory awareness and core strength. Our PE curriculum enables pupils to increase their self-confidence, ability to cope with sensory difficulties, including processing and builds up their self-esteem.


Throughout the whole school pupils take part in ‘Wake and Shake’ for 15 minutes each morning. This involves a variety of structured activities such as dance, circuits and running games that all students thoroughly enjoy and enables them to focus better on their lessons.


In EYFS/KS1 physical development is tracked via individual goals using EYFS Development Matters. Pupils are given adult and self led opportunities to develop their physical skills on a daily basis and they enjoy this active part of their learning.


In KS2 for informal learners PE isn’t taught in a subject specific manner. Pupils are given the opportunity to develop their physical skills, often via a programme devised by a physiotherapist but also via the 5 areas of engagement. During topic-based lessons informal learners will focus on developing their exploration, realisation, anticipation, persistence and initiation via a sensory-based curriculum.


For formal and semi-formal learners in KS2 PE is taught via themes within their rolling programme ensuring breath. Pupils are also given the opportunity to develop their water confidence and swimming ability two half terms a year via trips to the local swimming pool with lessons from trained swimming instructors. For those unable to access the public swimming pool a session in the hydro pool is used. Progress in PE is tracked using our physical development tracker to ensure skills and knowledge is learnt and committed to long-term memory.


In KS3 progress in PE is tracked in the same way but is taught in a much more formal games approach. Multi-skills and Dance is taught in the Autumn term, football, rugby, basketball and gymnastics in the Spring term and athletics, cricket, rounders and tennis in the Summer term.


In KS4 and 5 pupils continue to develop their physical skills, fitness and stamina through PE lessons and community activities. Pupils also take part in activities such as sensory circuit to improve their core strength and balance.  Pupils take part in training for Ten Tors, which they then take part in.


The link to our PE Subject Intent is here